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J.A. Detroit, MI

Hello Dr. Cohen, I am writing to tell you that it has been 6 weeks since you performed my procedures and I am looking and feeling great. The swelling in the abdomen has completely gone down and my waist and hips are trim and beautiful following the liposuction. I feel blessed to have found you. Not only are you a wonderful person, but you are knowledgeable and extremely skilled. Yourself and the doctors that assist you are all very nice and expert at what they do. I will be back in about 5 months for the breast reduction we talked about and I am excited to visit your beautiful city again. Thank you for all you have done and please give my regards to everyone at the center.

T.R. Boca Raton, FL

Dr. Cohen and Staff: I hope you are well! My trip home was very comfortable and I am taking it easy for a couple of days before returning to work. I am very happy with my face lift and eyelid lift and for the first time in many years, I look wide awake and not sleepy. Thank you for a truly pleasant and wonderful experience. It was my first trip for plastic surgery and I found you and your staff to be amazing. The surgery was perfect and the after-care recovery at the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn was excellent. I will be recommending you to other friends and hope to see you again in the near future.

B.L. Houston, TX

To Dr. Cohen, hello, how are you?, this is the “jewelry lady” from Houston (remember I needed to take off all of my jewelry before surgery?) I am sending this email to say I couldn't be more pleased with the results of my surgery and I am thankful for the care I received from you and your staff. My breast lift makes me look like a new woman and I am thrilled when I see my profile in the mirror. You were completely right about adding the implants to give me better contour and firmness. I am so grateful for your advice. Thank you for everything.

G.D. Los Angeles, CA

Hello Dr. Cohen, I am fine and looking better than ever. As you know, I had a facelift 10 years and came to you for a second one to “touch up? everything. You did a wonderful job and my face looks 15 years younger. I am completely happy with the results. You’re the best! I will be seeing you in June to tighten up my arms. You said that an arm lift with liposuction would be perfect for me, as well as needing liposuction of my upper and lower back. I will stay at the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn as I did before. Thank you for recommending it. It is a beautiful all-inclusive luxury hotel and they took perfect care of me. I will see you soon.

J.B.M. Denver, CO

Dr. Cohen, “Hola” from Denver!! Well, I am back in the cold and missing beautiful San Jose! But, I will be coming back again over in the summer for the body work we talked about. The tummy tuck you performed was amazing and you were right, I needed the liposuction of the abdomen, waist, hips and back to go along with it. My body is still recovering but I can already tell that it will be trim and slim the way I want it to be. As a registered nurse (specialties in infection control and Gerontology), I was very impressed with the sterile techniques used and the pristine cleanliness of your surgery center. You gave me expert advice and treated with me with patience and kindness. I can’t wait to return and continue my quest for the “perfect body”.

V. J. Bangor, ME

To all considering plastic surgery, I am so happy with Premier Plastic Surgery of Costa Rica and Dr. Cohen. I went in March to the center and had my thighs lifted, my breasts lifted and a lot of liposuction done. In November, I returned for a Brazilian buttocks lift and more lipo. Four years ago, I had facelift, neck lift and eyelid lift done there. All of my surgeries have been with Dr. Cohen and I'm very pleased and happy with the results. Dr. Cohen is one of the top plastic surgeons in Costa Rica and is U.S. board certified with over 20 years of experience, and it shows! I am thrilled to have him as my doctor.

B.L. Sacramento, CA

I am writing this as a testimonial to Dr. Cohen, who is a terrific plastic surgeon. I wouldn't trust just anyone for surgery, but I trust Dr. Cohen completely. He is very skilled and would not do anything that does not need to be done. He and his staff do a thorough evaluation when you get there and he gives you great advice on how to proceed. You can completely trust him. Dr. Cohen has been performing surgeries for almost 25 years and takes special pride in his practice. His patients are very lucky to have him.