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Prices up to 80% less!

Plastic surgery prices in Costa Rica are incredibly low, actually among the lowest in the world.

Thousands of people come each year to Costa Rica for plastic surgery. The advanced state-of-the-art surgery centers and world-renowned JCI-accredited hospitals are among the best anywhere.

Premier Plastic Surgery of Costa Rica® is a major destination for plastic surgery patients because of the low prices and cutting edge technology used in all procedures.

When we quote a price, there are no surprises. All quotes include surgeon's fees, pre-op exams, pre-surgery lab tests, the hospital/surgery center operating room facilities, post-op antibiotic/pain medications, any garments needed and anesthesiologist. Pre-op consultation and follow-up appointments are always included.

An example of average costs are:

  • Arms liposuction - $1500.
  • Brazilian buttocks lift - $4750.
  • Breast lift - $4500.
  • Breast reduction - $4500.
  • Breast implants - $4375.
  • Face lift with neck lift - $4000.
  • Hair transplant - $4375.
  • Liposuction – abdomen - $3250.
  • Thighs liposuction - $1500.
  • Tummy tuck (full) - $4750.
  • Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) - $4750.

and much more at low all-inclusive prices. Use our medical questionnaire here for a free same-day price quote.

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